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Want to take the
stress out of child support?

Let us support you first

Coming to terms with separation can be frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing, especially when children are involved - but it doesn’t have to be. At Child Support Consultants, we represent and advise separated parents through child support negotiations to get the best possible outcome for the whole family - because the child behind every parent is the real purpose of our work. 

Navigating the Services
Australia Child Support system

can be a struggle…

And in the middle of a major transition, that’s the last thing you need.

Do you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child support case is being handled with care by a single point of contact you can trust?

Are you looking for honest, reliable, and professional advice from an experienced child support consultant who can help you navigate emotional challenges and stress? 

It’s not easy to keep your family together while you’re going through a separation, but it is possible - and if you need support to navigate the process,

we can help.
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Extensive Experience in a Complex Niche

With more than a decade of experience working for Services Australia Child Support, we have all the knowledge and skills to help you and your children navigate the change.

Comprehensive Service

Forget dealing with dozens of different people in your child support case - with us, one dedicated consultant covers everything you need.

Support And Sensitivity

We know how challenging and emotionally exhausting these cases can be. We’ve helped 162 families find resolution, and now we’re here to support you as you do the same.

Child support can be a complex business

Let us clear things up for you

Book in your 1 hour zoom consultation with an experienced Child Support Consultant here.

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If you are...

  • Recently separated and navigating the child support system for the first time
  • Tired of communicating (and recommunicating) the same details to different people
  • Wishing you could skip the admin and make the most of your precious time with your children
We're here for you.

Who’s supporting you while you’re supporting your child?

That’s what we’re here for.


    Book a 60-minute consultation if you are feeling unsure or confused about your child support assessment details. With our help, you will receive clarification on child support processes and advice in relation to your particular case and any issues you may be having.


    Designed to support, advise and act on your behalf for a period of time. You may require assistance with understanding a specific matter or process in your case. We will do an in depth analysis of your particular case and represent you for the duration of the issue. 


    Secure the full support of our consultants for a full 12 months.

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Check out this episode of
The Separation Guide Podcast!

Founder and Owner of Child Support Consultants, Crystal, talks about the many aspects of child support in Australia to give you some insight into how it all works.

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Still got questions?

When you book in with us, you’ll deal directly with Crystal, the Founder and Owner of Child Support Consultants. To find out more about them, click here.

Please use the form below to get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and make an arrangement that works for you!

Child Support Consultants will assess your circumstances during the initial discussion and will not take payment if found we are unable to assist you, if you have already made payment a full refund will be provided 

If at any time you request Child Support Consultants to cease representation we will stop acting for you however any payment made for services undertaken prior to notification to cease acting on your behalf will not be refunded.

Child Support Consultants will always endeavour to achieve the required result for our clients however we can not guarantee the outcome or result. 

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What our Clients Say...

Thanks to Crystal I now have a correct and affordable assessment that is fair and reasonable.  I don’t have a problem with supporting my children however simply could not afford what child support was asking me to pay.  With Crystal’s advice and explanation of child support options, she assisted me with applying to have my post separation income applied to my assessment which resulted in my income used in the assessment being reduced by 30%. I can now afford to move forward with my life with enough income to be able to move into my own home and purchase furniture so my kids can come and stay with me. I have now appointed Crystal as my authorised representative to handle all my child support matters and have not looked back! Highly recommend Crystal to anyone who has a child support case, she was so helpful and genuinely cared.


Townsville, QLD

Before speaking with Crystal, I was stressed out, angry and blowing up at everyone I spoke with at Child Support because I felt like no-one was listening or helping me and I wasn’t being heard.  I felt like as a male who isn’t able to spend as much time with his kids as I would like I was being treated like a dead beat dad.  When I spoke with Crystal for the first time I could tell she really cared and understood what I was going through. She negotiated a payment plan for my debt that I could afford and had the government fees wiped off my account. I don’t spend any time now thinking about child support because Crystal looks after all this for me.


Coorparoo, QLD

Crystal was amazing! She helped me understand my child support assessment and explained everything in so much detail that actually made sense. After so many conversations with so many different people at child support, being transferred between different departments and getting no-where, I finally spoke with Crystal and it was like a weight just lifted off my shoulders.  After a discussion with Crystal, she gave me options that I never knew about and was never told before.  Crystal put me in touch with the right department to escalate the issue I was having and as a result the care decision was overturned and my assessment is now correct, the account fixed and my family tax benefit increased.  I now have enough money to buy my kids the things they need and both my child support assessment and family tax benefit assessment are right.


Geelong, VIC

I contacted Child Support Consultants for advice after a recommendation from a friend that Crystal and her team could help me. They were so polite, helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend this business to anyone who is going through separation or has a child support case.  After going through a very difficult separation I had so many other things going on with mediation and parenting plans, settlement and of course our children that were struggling to adjust and I was just so confused about what child support was and how it all works.  It was so nice to speak to a real person with real knowledge to guide me through it all in such a calm and respectful way. 


Cronulla, NSW

Paul Bowles
Paul Bowles
Honestly Crystal and her team were nothing short of amazing to work with. Their advice was top notch and prompt. They were attentive and provided an enormous amount of support and assistance towards a fair outcome. My advice - don’t deal with child support alone - contact Crystal and her team and let them guide you through the process.
Mens Toolbox Australia
Mens Toolbox Australia
Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants have become an invaluable partner to us here at Mens Toolbox. They provide professional support to our clients who are facing child support challenges. Their commitment to providing quality services, personalised support, efficiency and ability to take the complexity out of child support matters is commendable and we are grateful for the ongoing support they provide our clients. In summary, Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants are an invaluable resource for Australian families facing child support challenges.
Danielle Zetzer
Danielle Zetzer
Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants have been an incredible support to our clients with child support matters. Crystal has been able to resolve matters for our clients, saving them significant legal fees and giving them peace of mind. I will continue to refer my clients to Crystal and her team.
Evgeny Vasilyev
Evgeny Vasilyev
Amazing service and initiative! Finally someone assists people with child support maters, Lawyers rarely deal with CSA. We have been referring clients to Crystal and got incredible positive feedback!! Thank you for your work. Evgeny, Principal Solicitor at Genuine Legal Family Lawyers
Michelle Fauvette
Michelle Fauvette
I recently reached out to Jess, to get some help with an ongoing CS issue. She was nothing but extremely helpful, empathetic and understanding of our situation which made the whole process so much easier and less daunting. We really appreciate it and would highly recommend you to anyone who is needing the support & guidance!
Annie Keating
Annie Keating
Jess was lovely to work with! She answered all of our questions with compassion and certainty. With a wealth of experience, I would highly recommend talking to Jess for all your child support queries.
I can’t recommend this agency highly enough!! Crystal and Jess have been amazing and invaluable with their ongoing support and expert knowledge in navigating all things related to Child Support. From COA to AAT matters, they have been there every step of the way, making the whole process so much easier and way less stressful! If you need any advice or assistance in this area, contact them. You won’t regret it! They genuinely care about helping clients get the best outcomes … for our children!
Kristy Taylor
Kristy Taylor
This is only the start of my Journey with Crystal but the relief and support she has provided has been incredible. This drawn out process with the CSA has caused a deterioration of my mental health and having crystal take this load of my mind is a wonderful blessing. She listens, she empathises and provides some reassurance and hope. I’m grateful for her so far and feel emotional that I’ve been able to unpack a huge amount of information that I deem unfair. Thank you Crystal.
Mark Incorvil
Mark Incorvil
Crystal and Jessica are Super friendly, extremely efficient, understanding and compassionate To these very difficult and sensitive issues, They truly are angels in disguise Would not have been able to cope with the pressure on my own, Highly recommended ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 👍🏻
CE Family Law
CE Family Law
We have been working with Crystal and her team for the past 12 months and have found her expert knowledge and experience in Child Support to be of significant value to our clients who are navigating separation and child support. Crystal is a delight to work with and she brings a reassuring and calm approach to her work.