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Crystal Lauren Paduch

Founder and Director

Introducing Crystal, the visionary founder and driving force behind Child Support Consultants. Crystal's journey in the realm of Child Support spans over 14 years, from her early days working within Child Support to her unwavering commitment to creating a positive change in the lives of parents and children alike.

Crystal's career within Child Support began in 2009 and continued until 2021 when she set out to establish Child Support Consultants. Throughout her tenure, she distinguished herself through her remarkable communication skills and consistently achieved exceptional collection results for the children in need of financial support. As she navigated the diverse landscape of Child Support, it became evident that her heart was drawn to the more vulnerable clients. Her passion led her to the role of a senior officer in the Parent Support Team during her final years, where she took on the challenge of managing the more sensitive and complex cases.

Within the Parent Support Team, Crystal found her true calling—assisting those facing circumstances of Domestic and Family Violence, homelessness, financial adversity, parental alienation, and emotional distress. Her dedication extended to individuals at risk of self-harm or suicide, young parents navigating challenging situations, and individuals affected by assessment errors. Crystal's expertise in Child Support policy, legislation, and internal procedures, coupled with her compassionate approach, positioned her as an advocate for those most in need.

Crystal's decision to establish Child Support Consultants was inspired by a profound desire to bridge the gap for parents who felt overwhelmed and perplexed by the Child Support system. She envisioned a platform where parents could find clarity, support, and empowerment in managing their Child Support situations. Her ultimate goal was to ensure that children, the true beneficiaries, would not become casualties of system intricacies and parental disputes.

Looking ahead, Crystal envisions Child Support Consultants transcending any negative stigma associated with Child Support matters. She aims to reshape perceptions and demonstrate that Child Support can be a source of assistance and positive change. Crystal is committed to fostering an environment that is not only informative but also supportive and empathetic, offering parents a sense of control and understanding during difficult times.

When it comes to client interactions, Crystal's approach is simple yet profound: she believes in truly listening and hearing what clients have to say. This involves providing a space where clients can express themselves without judgment or interruption, respecting their unique experiences and perspectives. Crystal's approach ensures that she can offer tailored options, pertinent information, and meaningful support to each individual she assists.

Before founding Child Support Consultants, Crystal's journey within the Child Support landscape gave her a firsthand glimpse into the challenges parents face in legally complex and emotionally charged situations. This insight sparked the realisation that there was a need for a intermediary, a representative who could engage with Child Support on behalf of parents. Thus, Child Support Consultants was born, becoming a beacon of support and understanding for parents navigating the complexities of Child Support.

Crystal's passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to vulnerable customers have propelled Child Support Consultants into existence, creating a safe space where families can find clarity, resolution, and hope amidst the challenges of life's transitions.

Jessica Amy Sorbello

Specialist Child Support Consultant

Meet Jessica, a dedicated and seasoned professional who embarked on an exciting new chapter with Child Support Consultants in January 2023. Since joining the team, she has quickly established herself as a trusted Specialist Child Support Consultant, building strong relationships with clients and achieving remarkable outcomes. With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in the Child Support Sector, Jessica brings an invaluable depth of knowledge to her role.

Jessica's journey within the field of Child Support commenced in 2009 when she became a part of Services Australia until 2022. During her time at Services Australia, Jessica honed her skills and gained crucial experiences, particularly in her roles as a front-line officer and income specialist. Her expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of Customer Service areas within Child Support, ranging from debt collection and enforcement procedures to complaints handling, income processing, estimate reconciliations, disputes in care arrangements, agreements, comprehensive case management, and offering support to highly vulnerable and distressed customers.

Notably, Jessica and Crystal, the founder of Child Support Consultants, crossed paths during their tenure at Child Support and discovered a shared passion for assisting individuals navigating the complexities of child support assessments and processes. Their like-minded commitment to aiding those striving to rebuild their lives after separation laid the foundation for a collaboration built on empathy, understanding, and expertise.

What truly distinguishes Jessica is her authentic devotion to surpassing customer expectations and resolving issues with tact and finesse. She understands that child support customers seek to be heard and treated equitably, and she wholeheartedly embraces the responsibility of delivering messages in a manner that is both clear and sensitive. Jessica's genuine dedication to fostering a positive and empathetic experience for clients underscores her commitment to her role and the well-being of those she serves.

Today, as the esteemed Specialist Consultant at Child Support Consultants, Jessica plays an integral role in the team. Her deep understanding of child support intricacies, coupled with her empathetic approach, has positioned her as a linchpin in the support system for clients navigating challenging times. Jessica's enthusiasm to stand alongside her colleagues and clients, offering attentive listening, unwavering support, and a pathway to positive resolutions, exemplifies her dedication to making a genuine difference.

With her impressive background, steadfast dedication, and genuine care for her clients' well-being, Jessica's impact within Child Support Consultants resonates far beyond the realm of expertise. Her commitment to understanding, collaboration, and holistic solutions is shaping a brighter future for individuals navigating the complexities of child support, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and positive change.

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Yara Halabi

Brand and Social Media Strategist

Meet Yara, a creative, passionate and dedicated professional who joined the Child Support Consultants team in March 2022 as our Brand and Social Media Strategist. Yara's journey to her current role is rooted in personal experience, empathy, and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of parents navigating the complexities of separation.

Yara's journey took a significant turn when she found herself as a single mother, thrust into the intricate world of systems and processes surrounding separation. In her pursuit of understanding and clarity, she crossed paths with Crystal, the founder of Child Support Consultants. Crystal's guidance and support during this challenging time resonated deeply with Yara, as they both recognised the alignment of their values and their shared commitment to providing much-needed guidance to parents in need.

With her firsthand experience as a single mother and her encounter with the complexities of Child Support, Yara brings a unique perspective to her role. Her journey equipped her with the insight and empathy needed to understand the struggles that parents face during such trying times.

Yara's professional background as a Creative Director in the family law sector and marketing experience, with a specialisation in social media, has enriched her ability to craft powerful narratives that resonate with audiences. Her expertise in social media strategy and branding is an invaluable asset to Child Support Consultants, allowing her to effectively communicate the mission, values, and services of the company.

As a passionate member of the Child Support Consultants team, Yara's role extends beyond conventional marketing. She serves as a catalyst in shaping the brand's identity, ensuring it accurately reflects the compassion, guidance, and understanding that the company stands for. Yara takes pride in curating a brand image that not only attracts the right clients but also fosters an environment of trust, support, and empathy.

Yara's dedication to her role is a testament to her commitment to helping parents find clarity, support, and direction amidst the uncertainties of separation and Child Support matters. Her journey from navigating the intricacies of single parenthood to becoming an integral part of the Child Support Consultants team reflects her passion for assisting others on similar journeys. With Yara's unwavering dedication, creative expertise, and personal insight, Child Support Consultants continues to be a beacon of hope and support for parents seeking guidance during challenging times.