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Every family is different, but most parents who have been through a separation and share custody of their children want the same thing:

The chance to spend as much time and
energy as possible with their children.

The trouble is...

...the complex process of navigating child support matters and new relationship dynamics takes up way more time than they would like.
If you can relate, it’s about time you got someone on your side who can not only understand your challenges but also take care of them on your behalf.

That’s where we come in. 

Working with us is like hiring a child support personal assistant. You can expect reliable, honest communication rooted in understanding and experience that leaves you with peace of mind and a thorough understanding of the child support system. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about arranging your life around Child Support opening hours.

Here’s how we can help you

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The Clarity Package

On-the-spot advice, options, and information

$170 + GST

During these 60-minute consultations, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Speak with an experienced consultant
  • Receive options, advice, and information to help you resolve child support matters on the spot 
  • Ask questions relating to your child support assessment and get honest, relevant answers geared towards helping you move forward
  • Get the communication tools you need to communicate effectively about child support matters and ensure that you receive relevant information and optimal service every time
Need immediate assistance? 
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Specialist form & application preparation and lodgement Change of Assessment applications, Post Separation Income Applications, Estimate Lodgements, Objection submissions

$450 + GST

Whether you are a receiving parent of child support or a paying parent of child support, ensuring assessment correctness and fairness is crucial in calculating the proper level of support for your children.   

Child Support Consultants have helped many clients with Change of Assessment Applications and Objections to decisions, so don’t go at it alone, get a better result with a child support expert by your side.

We will work with you to strategize, compile information and submit a strong case to endeavour to get the best possible outcome for your situation.

Appoint one of our income specialists to assist in preparation and lodgement of a Post Separation Income application or Estimate of income lodgement. Our income specialists have had years of experience making income decisions at Services Australia Child Support and are here to help you understand all you need to know about these options and processes and ensure your assessment is correct, fair and affordable.

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The Peace of Mind Package

Full case analysis and support

$950 + GST

This package is a natural next step after an initial consultation. With your consent, CS Consultants will discuss your case on your behalf and conduct a full audit of your assessment information, including: 

  • Collection methods and payment cycles
  • Care levels and recent updates or changes
  • Incomes used in the assessment including types ie. taxable / provisional 
  • Accounting information including debts, third party deductions, late payment or estimate penalties
  • Current or previous change of assessments
  • Departure prohibition orders
  • Agreements

We will then provide a written report detailing information obtained and resolution advice, and assist you with the completion and submission of required forms. Finally, we will follow up with you to ensure that the resolution of the matters discussed meets your expectations.

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The Personal Assistant Package

12 months of comprehensive representation

$2800 + GST

As part of this package, CS Consultants will liaise with Services Australia Child Support on your behalf regarding all matters. This cost includes: 


  • Assistance and expert advice on all issues and matters at hand. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your Child Support Case via email or phone. You’ll speak with the same experienced consultant every time, and you’ll have no need to contact Child Support! 
  • Management of all correspondence and communication to Services Australia Child Support, including written updates regarding these interactions 
  • Submission of forms and applications 
  • Lodgement of care changes
  • Negotiation of payment arrangements and remittance of penalty debts 
  • Request for access to information through the Freedom of Information Process, including call recordings between the customer and child support
    • Copies of system notes from your individual record
    • Account details, including a history of payments made and/or received for the customer 
    • Claims, forms, statements, questionnaires, and letters you submit
    • Child support agreements
    • Parenting plans 
    • Letters addressed to you
  • Liaison with your accountant if necessary to provide advice relating to our clients income used in their child support assessment or to assist with Child support processes such as Change of Assessment
  • Advice regarding impact child support assessments may have on other organisations such as Centrelink and ensure both agencies have the correct assessment information which may be impacting your entitled payments 
  • Assistance and advice with payment method options ie. private arrangements/child support collect arrangements, and liaison with the other parent where appropriate
  • Advice relating to incomes and options to consider, such as Estimates and Post Separation Incomes which affect your child support liability amount 
  • Advice and assistance relating to the Change of Assessment process and options should the client believe the assessment is incorrect or the other party instigate a change of assessment process requiring response and participation
  • Advice and assistance relating to appeals processes, such as Objections, Complaints and Administrative Appeals Tribunal 
  • Sourcing of appropriate local support options for you and/ or your children if needed for emotional and mental health support
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Intensive and proactive debt collection

$1300 + GST

Package inclusions:

  • Investigation & surveillance to locate an evasive subject and place of business
  • Field visits to a residence or business address to acquire information relevant for collection purposes
  • Debt collection & payment negotiations
  • Compile and communicate findings with Services Australia Child Support & our client
  • Utilise intel to assist with child support review and appeal processes
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Bespoke Binding Child Support Agreement Package

Specialist tailored and personalised legally binding child support agreements

$2,250 + GST per person

Package Inclusions:

  • Child Support Agreement consultation with both parties
  • Drafting, preparation and finalisation of agreement meeting the legal requirements of a Binding Child Support Agreement and Services Australia Child Support's eligibility criteria for registration
  • Legal advice and certification for both parties by independent legal practitioners
  • Submission to Services Australia Child Support accompanied by an application for acceptance of the Agreement

10% non-refundable deposit required upon booking for initial 1-hour zoom consultation - book in consultation via calendar

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A simplified step by step process for parents needing assistance with court processes relating to Child Support matters.


Uniquely designed for the inbetweeners! Not in a financial position to appoint a lawyer or already spent thousands with little or no outcome, however not eligible for Legal Aid either? Then this all-inclusive, cost effective package is for you! Allow our team of subject matter experts in this field to lead the way through complicated child support court processes.

Court orders we can help with:

  • Applications regarding parentage
  • Applications for recovery of child support payments paid when a person is not liable to pay child support
  • Applications for leave to depart from an administrative assessment for a period’s up to 7 years
  • Applications for child support to be paid in a form other than periodic amounts
  • Applications to set aside a child support agreement
  • Applications to enforce the terms of a child support agreement
  • Applications for temporary orders to suspend the payment of child support until a final order is made (Stay Order)
  • Applications to recover child support debt

Package Inclusions:

  • Simplified and cost effective, all-inclusive end to end guidance and support throughout your court procedure
  • Compilation of required forms, applications, affidavits and submissions to the court
  • Drafting of court documents
  • Serving documents on the other party and obtaining an affidavit of service required for court hearings
  • Process service cost is included in this package
  • 1-hour video meeting with a trusted family lawyer in preparation for your hearing is included in this service (additional meetings can be arranged at an additional cost)
  • Liaising with Services Australia Child Support during the process to obtain required case information and documents for your court application
  • Court hearing preparation including script
  • Submission of court orders to Services Australia Child Support
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*Book a call to discuss your specific needs and determine the pricing for this package.

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Designed for Legal Practitioners & Obtain 1 CPD Point Per Session

$550 + GST

Facilitated by Subject Matter Experts in the field of Child Support, specifically designed for legal practitioners to obtain your CPD points while gaining valuable knowledge and insight into the world of Child Support.
Extend your knowledge around vital and key issues pertaining to child support to assist your clients with their child support matters and better understand the internal processes and procedures within Services Australia.
During this 1 hour facilitated interactive seminar, you will have opportunity to ask any questions relevant to you, your clients and your firm while your dedicated Consultant ensures they cover the major topics such as;
  • Binding Child Support Agreements & Notional Assessments – Impact on Family Tax Benefit
  • What are Initiating Child Support Agreements & Non-Initiating Agreements & Impact when there is a Terminating Event
  • Disputed Care Processes – Importance of Written Care Arrangements for Child Support purposes
  • Care Percentages & Cost Percentages - Importance of Understanding when creating a Written Care Arrangement for your client
  • How incomes are used in Assessments & when to consider – Post Separation Income & Estimates of Income applications
  • Services Australia Child Support Administrative options to consider before applying to the courts – Debt Enforcement, Assessment Reviews & Departures, Objections & Appeals
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Great clients are like family

Here’s what they say about working with us...

Thanks to Crystal I now have a correct and affordable assessment that is fair and reasonable.  I don’t have a problem with supporting my children however simply could not afford what child support was asking me to pay.  With Crystal’s advice and explanation of child support options, she assisted me with applying to have my post separation income applied to my assessment which resulted in my income used in the assessment being reduced by 30%. I can now afford to move forward with my life with enough income to be able to move into my own home and purchase furniture so my kids can come and stay with me. I have now appointed Crystal as my authorised representative to handle all my child support matters and have not looked back! Highly recommend Crystal to anyone who has a child support case, she was so helpful and genuinely cared.


Townsville, QLD

Crystal was amazing! She helped me understand my child support assessment and explained everything in so much detail that actually made sense. After so many conversations with so many different people at child support, being transferred between different departments and getting no-where, I finally spoke with Crystal and it was like a weight just lifted off my shoulders.  After a discussion with Crystal, she gave me options that I never knew about and was never told before.  Crystal put me in touch with the right department to escalate the issue I was having and as a result the care decision was overturned and my assessment is now correct, the account fixed and my family tax benefit increased.  I now have enough money to buy my kids the things they need and both my child support assessment and family tax benefit assessment are right.  


Geelong, VIC

Paul Bowles
Paul Bowles
Honestly Crystal and her team were nothing short of amazing to work with. Their advice was top notch and prompt. They were attentive and provided an enormous amount of support and assistance towards a fair outcome. My advice - don’t deal with child support alone - contact Crystal and her team and let them guide you through the process.
Mens Toolbox Australia
Mens Toolbox Australia
Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants have become an invaluable partner to us here at Mens Toolbox. They provide professional support to our clients who are facing child support challenges. Their commitment to providing quality services, personalised support, efficiency and ability to take the complexity out of child support matters is commendable and we are grateful for the ongoing support they provide our clients. In summary, Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants are an invaluable resource for Australian families facing child support challenges.
Danielle Zetzer
Danielle Zetzer
Crystal and the team at Child Support Consultants have been an incredible support to our clients with child support matters. Crystal has been able to resolve matters for our clients, saving them significant legal fees and giving them peace of mind. I will continue to refer my clients to Crystal and her team.
Evgeny Vasilyev
Evgeny Vasilyev
Amazing service and initiative! Finally someone assists people with child support maters, Lawyers rarely deal with CSA. We have been referring clients to Crystal and got incredible positive feedback!! Thank you for your work. Evgeny, Principal Solicitor at Genuine Legal Family Lawyers
Michelle Fauvette
Michelle Fauvette
I recently reached out to Jess, to get some help with an ongoing CS issue. She was nothing but extremely helpful, empathetic and understanding of our situation which made the whole process so much easier and less daunting. We really appreciate it and would highly recommend you to anyone who is needing the support & guidance!
Annie Keating
Annie Keating
Jess was lovely to work with! She answered all of our questions with compassion and certainty. With a wealth of experience, I would highly recommend talking to Jess for all your child support queries.
I can’t recommend this agency highly enough!! Crystal and Jess have been amazing and invaluable with their ongoing support and expert knowledge in navigating all things related to Child Support. From COA to AAT matters, they have been there every step of the way, making the whole process so much easier and way less stressful! If you need any advice or assistance in this area, contact them. You won’t regret it! They genuinely care about helping clients get the best outcomes … for our children!
Kristy Taylor
Kristy Taylor
This is only the start of my Journey with Crystal but the relief and support she has provided has been incredible. This drawn out process with the CSA has caused a deterioration of my mental health and having crystal take this load of my mind is a wonderful blessing. She listens, she empathises and provides some reassurance and hope. I’m grateful for her so far and feel emotional that I’ve been able to unpack a huge amount of information that I deem unfair. Thank you Crystal.
Mark Incorvil
Mark Incorvil
Crystal and Jessica are Super friendly, extremely efficient, understanding and compassionate To these very difficult and sensitive issues, They truly are angels in disguise Would not have been able to cope with the pressure on my own, Highly recommended ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 👍🏻
CE Family Law
CE Family Law
We have been working with Crystal and her team for the past 12 months and have found her expert knowledge and experience in Child Support to be of significant value to our clients who are navigating separation and child support. Crystal is a delight to work with and she brings a reassuring and calm approach to her work.

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clarity and peace of mind?

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