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All about child support

In this episode of “Do Divorce Right Podcast”, Becca talks to guest Crystal Paduch, who is the founder of Child Support Consultants, helping Australian families navigate the child support system to get the best possible outcome for the whole family.

the separation guide

Founder and Owner of Child Support Consultants, Crystal, talks about the many aspects of child support in Australia to give you some insight into how it all works.

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I Am Tam The Podcast

Crystal has made it her mission to empower parents to make informed decisions about what is the best way forward for their unique circumstances by providing support and options based on years of experience, her expertise and passion around all things child support.

Down Under Investigations

Hear the interview with Crystal Paduch, Founder and Director of Child Support Consultants. Whether you're personally facing matters surrounding Child Support, or know someone who is, this podcast will give you some great wisdom and insights from a real expert in this area.